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Full Service Design

Billed Hourly

Samantha Stein Interiors specializes in new construction and full furnishing, with an emphasis in architecture and custom furnishings and accessories. We offer hands on involvement throughout every stage of your project from the architecture, to the interior details completed with furniture, art, and accessories. This allows you a unique and personalized design that is highly functioning and cohesive.

Virtual Design - Furniture Package

Pricing varies per space, starting at $650

Virtual Design is my second most popular service. A great option for someone who wants a designer room, but doesn’t have a full service budget. This will get you a floor plan, furniture selections, retail shopping list, and vision board. You will then use what I've provided to order and decorate at your own pace. You become the project manager! For an additional $250 you may choose to add procurement, which means SSI will use a CC authorization form to do the ordering for you! Everything will just show up at your door!

Virtual Design - Construction Package

Pricing varies per space, starting at $

If you have purchased a new home or would like to do a renovation and do not have a full service budget or do not know where to start with material selections, this option is great for you. This will get you material selections, cabinetry elevations, floor plans, paint schedules, hardware placements, and a retail shopping list. You will then use what I've provided to give to your contractor to execute.

*Both of these virtual design services are done virtually


Add Ons:

  • 1 Time Consultation

  • Sourcing Session

  • Procurement

Add Ons:

  • Virtual Design - Furniture Package

  • 1 Time Consultation

  • Sourcing Session

  • Procurement

Sourcing Session

$300 flat fee, 90 min or 120 minutes

Don't need a complete room design, but do need help sourcing miscellaneous items? This service is for you! We will work together over the course of 2 hours to source items for your home. This is my most casual and quick service option. To start, you will send me the list of items you need help finding, the budget per piece, as well as pictures of the spaces those items will be going in. From there we will schedule our 2 hour sourcing session. During this sourcing session I will clock in and begin hunting for items from your list based on priority. You will need to be by your phone during this time so you can say yay or nay as I text you options. This is a speedy session so the quicker you respond, the more items we can get sourced! Once we find an item you love, we move onto the next piece on the list, and so on and so forth. Once the session ends we will email you a list of the items we sourced and the links to purchase! 

Design Consulting

One Time (2 hours max): $400, Hourly Consulting: $200/hour

A one time consultation is how every full service design client starts with us. It is also a terrific option for those who need guidance, are at a loss on how to approach their current home, who have an idea of what they want but need a second opinion, or even those who just don’t know if they are ready for full service design, but want a taste of what it would be like to work with me. I come to your home and answer questions, offer advice, discuss paint colors, and share sources, but I don't actually do any design work. Once I leave my obligation ends unless you contract us for more hourly consulting. We select paint colors, lighting, plumbing, tile, etc. and help with layouts and general construction dilemmas as part of our hourly consulting.

***This service can be done virtually or in person


SSI Curated Shopping List

100% Free! My gift to you!

The most affordable way to get the Samantha Stein Interiors look without actually hiring me! The list has been curated by me, with you in mind. It is a retail shopping list that can truly help you decorate your home at your own pace, on your own budget, but with over 300 designer approved products. Each item has my stamp of approval and will help you create a cohesive designer home. The list is a living thing, so as I come across new retail items, I will add them. The best part is, everything was selected to go together, so you can come up with any combination, and feel confident it will look good together. 

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