1. Pay for your sourcing session.

2. Create a master list of items you would like help finding for your home. 

3. Email with your master list as well as pictures of the spaces we will be working on.

4. Schedule your sourcing session.

5. The sourcing session. Please be sure to have your phone on you as Sam is working so she can send you options via text and keep the session moving along so you get the most for you money!

6. Follow-up email with all links to items sourced.

Sourcing Session

  • Don't need a complete room design, but do need help sourcing miscellaneous items? This service is for you! It's like having a best friend who is a designer! We will work together over the course of 2 hours to source items for your home. This is my most casual and quick service option! To start, you will send me the list of items you need help finding, the budget per piece, as well as pictures of the spaces those items will be going in. From there we will schedule our 2 hour sourcing session. During this sourcing session I will clock in and begin hunting for items from your list based on priority. You will need to be by your phone during this time so you can say yay or nay as I text you options. This is a speedy session so the quicker you respond, the more items we can get sourced! Once we find an item you love, we move onto the next piece on the list, and so on and so forth. Once the session ends we will email you a list of the items we sourced and the links to purchase! On average we can get through 4-8 pieces per session. There is no guarantee we will get through your list in one session. 


    Happy with your finds? Schedule another sourcing session to continue to make progress throughout your home!

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