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We specialize in classic and comfortable interiors for the modern family.


Full Service Design

Samantha Stein Interiors is a full-service design studio that offers hands-on involvement on your project from concept through installation.  This allows you a unique and personalized design that is highly functioning and cohesive.  The firm is located in Nashville, Tennessee but is dedicated to jobs near and far.


Virtual Design

Virtual Interior Design is the modern way to work one-on-one with an interior designer remotely to professionally decorate your home. All floor plans, shopping links, communication and other project details are digitally delivered to your inbox. This is an ideal option for budget-friendly and/or non local projects.


Curated Shopping List

A great way to get the Samantha Stein Interiors look without actually hiring us!  We have curated a retail shopping list with over 300 designer approved products. Each item has the Samantha Stein Interiors stamp of approval and will help you create a cozy family friendly designer home. 

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